Teeth/Tooth whitening

Zoom teeth whitening

The fantastic Zoom technology used here at the Rugby Smiles Dental Clinic allows us to whiten your teeth by up to 10 shades in just one short visit to the dentist.

We can arrange a FREE initial consultation to assess your needs and look at all the suitable options for you.

About our tooth whitening treatment…

This amazing professional tooth whitening system gives you a brighter, whiter smile and is a safe, popular and well-acclaimed treatment.

Choose from the in-surgery laser whitening system or opt for the professionally supervised home whitening kit. Both treatments are highly effective for removing staining and yellowing of the teeth – giving long lasting results that leave you smiling with confidence.

The Zoom whitening treatments involve very little or no discomfort or tooth sensitivity and shades can be adjusted/chosen to meet your personal preference – from subtle, natural looking solutions to more dramatic, glamorous results.

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